Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We've upgraded from milk

I finally got Parker started on "big boy" food:) I seem to be doing things so much slower with him that I did with the other two. Part of it is laziness, but really, I just want this handsome little man to freeze. So. Stinking. Cute. And lovable. I don't want him to change, or grow up, or talk back. Ever. Oh well, wishful thinking. And I'm sure I would eventually tire of 330 am feedings and changing his diaper. But for now, I'm perfectly content and don't want this to change.

Moving on....the nuts and bolts of the post. I started Parker on baby food (a couple of weeks steps, I'm getting caught up!) He's had cereal and oatmeal and loves them both, but he's never had anything that doesn't taste like cardboard:) We started with peas. Mostly because it's probably the most disgusting of all the options (in my opinion). He didn't love them, but he didn't really hate them either. Since then, he's also had green beans and squash. He seems to really like peas are really the only dislike so far. Again, can't really blame him here, but that's why I started there. It only gets better. So, to the pictures.....

Warning: there are probably far more pictures than are necessary for a baby food post. But I can't help it. He is so darn cute. I can't take enough pictures. And those blue eyes....don't even get me started on those eyes. I love them. Besides, I don't think any of the grandparents are complaining (at least I know my mom isn't:))

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  1. Aunt Holly isn't complaining either! Keep those pics coming!! Love you guys!