Sunday, June 10, 2012

Catch up Post #2

Some more of what we've been up to.  I think this may catch me up to current time:)  Sweet!  Now I just have to stay caught up.  And twice in one week, don't expect that all the time!

Friend birthday party:  Eli and Kamdyn's good pal Brooks celebrated his 3rd birthday.  Brooks is one of the kids I watch while I'm up at the dance really, they are more like more siblings to our kids......only better because they aren't around all the time to get on their nerves:)

Parker wasn't happy I wasn't holding him.....
 Not sure what these two were laughing about, but it was funny
 The whole bunch, minus the 4 babies.  We got a lot of kids running around on our play dates!  Bring your ear plugs if you join's loud.

 These two are only about 2 months apart.  I'm pretty sure little Eli (that's his name too) could eat Parker for dinner though.  He's a big boy and definitely has Parker beat in size!

Swimming:  Granny and Papa's pool is open!  Eli has been swimming a couple of times.  Kamdyn went just this once.  She's more of an in and out of the pool kind of girl.  She can't keep still.  I'm a bad mom and haven't taken them swimming much.  I'm sure Eli would love to go more.  I'm not a big swimmer....I like to float more:)  So the idea of going and hauling the kids around the pool doesn't sound very appealing to me.  I'd rather be lazy and relax.  Good thing their daddy likes to swim with them!

 More botanica:  This time though we got the surprise of seeing 2 of their three (Hutton) cousins there.  The kids were thrilled!  Nice for me too because they had kids to run around with.

There you have it.  That's what we've been up to the last several months.  Lots of fun stuff.  Wears me out.  Or maybe it's just our kids.  Either way, bedtime cannot come soon enough in our house!

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