Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Look at me's hasn't been five weeks since my last update:)  And I even had to be intentional and go upstairs to get my camera, then take it back downstairs so I could upload pictures.  That's progress people!  Anyways, last week we took the kids to Tanganyika Wildlife Park.  We haven't been there since Kamdyn was about 6 months old.  Mostly because that place costs an arm and a leg to get into!  We get spoiled with our zoo membership!  Can only afford to take the kids to this place at least once  a year:)  It is 9 dollars just for Eli!  Thank goodness the younger two were still free.  Ok, enough about the cost.......even though it's expensive, I like to go here every once in a while for a change of pace.  It's so cool how much closer you can be to the animals and that you can pet some.  We made the mistake of telling Eli he would be able to animals.  The first thing he wanted to do was pet the giraffe.  We told him he couldn't pet the giraffes, but there were other animals he could pet.  He never dropped the giraffe thing.  He just really wanted to pet one!  Can't blame him......I would pet one if I could too.  I told B I wanted a pet giraffe.  They are so cool.  Don't know if I'd like cleaning up that poop though.  But the coolness factor just might make it worth it! 

To the pictures:  
Checking out the rhinos.  We were literally like 6 feet away from this thing.
 My handsome blue eyed baby enjoying the view:)
 We couldn't take strollers in, so daddy and the kids went in to check out the kangaroos.  They wouldn't pet any of these:)
 Bunnies!  Eli loved petting the bunnies.......Kamdyn refused.......that girl is so funny.  She's totally fearless when it comes to most things, but she refuses to pet a sweet bunny.  Go figure!

 Turtles.  The second we sat on the ledge to look at them, all of these turtles come "rushing" over:)  I think they thought we were going to feed are the trained or what!
 Tanganyika has the awesome park.  There is a massive slide (seriously, you go SO fast going down this monster thing!)  Everyone had fun playing....even the biggest kid of the family:)

 So thankful they have a daddy that is willing to do things with them and take them places!
Penguins!  The water looks very unnaturally blue, but man it looked nice.   I was ready to jump in for a swim!  The penguins didn't feel the same way apparently, because they were all huddled in the back in the shade.
That was our trip.  The kids had fun, which makes the cost worth it.  And they had a honey badger (if you haven't seen this you tube video, you should go watch it......but it is three minutes of your life you won't get back:).  It is kind of funny though.)  So Brian was really excited about that......I think it was worth the cost of admission to see a honey badger:)

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