Friday, June 8, 2012

Hi, my name is Krista.......

................And I'm the world's worst blogger.  I wish I had some grand excuse for why I haven't blogged in 5 weeks, but I don't.  Basically I'm just too lazy to upload my pictures from my camera and put them on a jump drive so I can update this thing.  So I'm just going to do some catch up posts.  Summer is here, so we've been busy busy busy.  Lots of fun things to do with friends (and daddy too because he's done with work and soccer...YAY!)  So bear with me, this one has a LOT of pictures.  But I will keep the narrative to a minimum.  All anyone really wants to see anyways is pictures of our adorable kids:)  I got a new camera lens, so I've been going a little bit crazy with the camera.

So here goes.....                                                   

Easter:  It happened way back in April:)  Sad I know.  I had intentions of doing an Easter post in April, but the pictures sat on my camera for about 3 weeks too long.  Then I just didn't care anymore.  So here's a few from the day over at granny and papa's with the cousins.  I didn't upload any of the egg hunt.  Really, it was just a lot of us pointing out the eggs anyways:)  

Trying to get group shots may not get any easier as they get older.  But as my sis-in-law and I always say, bodies count (nevermind that our middle was too much of a busy body to be in this picture....Eli and Beth look cute:))                                            

Playing around with my new lens in the wheat field:  I love wheat fields.  They are so beautiful.  And for some reason, I have been obsessed with the idea of having pictures of our family, and the kiddos in an uncut wheat field.  Good thing we have a field behind our house:)

 This isn't even that awesome of a picture, but I thought it was so cute how Parker had is arm around his sister.  He loves his big brother and sister.  And they sure love him too:)

Botanica:  Having a botanica membership is one of the best things ever!  Seriously, that place is so peaceful.  And with the children's garden now, the kids love going there.  We've been a lot so far this year.  Even better, they almost always get to go with friends.  Friends make the world a better place......

 Okay, I was playing with my camera and taking some pictures of Parker's girlfriend (aka: future wife). I was trying to get some of both of them together too.  They are just a month apart (and our boys, the first borns, are just a week and a half thankful to have such an amazing friend to travel through the same stages of life with:))  Anyways, it was pretty halarious....
 Especially these.....Parker kept trying to take V's dress off.....he must have really liked the colors:)
 But is true girlfriend fashion, V tried to keep him in line.  She got ahold of his ear.
 Story of this poor kid's life.  He always has someone in his face.  But it really is sweet.  Just shows how much he is loved.  He was tired and we were leaving.  She kept bugging him, but eventually climbed in the stroller next to him. Such a sweet big sister!

Parks and Picnics:   With friends of course! I (and the kids too) truly have been blessed with the most amazing group of girlfriends.  All of our kids are around the same ages, so it's so fun to watch them grow together.  Now that summer is finally here, we've all been getting together a lot.  Mostly for the mommy's sakes and sanity, but the kids definitely benefit too:)

 Wagon rides:  We go on frequent walks around the block.  Eli gets to ride his bike and Kamdyn and Parker get to ride in the wagon.  They love it.  And she loves him:)  Seriously, he always has someone in his face or touching him.  No wonder he doesn't like it if he's left alone to play by himself!!

 Popsicles:  We enjoyed the first popsicle of the year early in May with friends who were over playing. They were a hit for sure.

 He's crawling.  Has been for about a month now.  More on that later.  So cute to see him getting all over the house, but man you gotta keep your eye on this one.  He's sneaky!

Okay, first update done!  I have a couple more to actually get myself caught up to current time:)  Hopefully it's not another five weeks before I do that!


  1. What kind of lens did you get? Great pictures:)

  2. Love the photos! The kiddos sure are getting big and just cuter and cuter! Love you!