Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Picasso

Eli got these really cool crayons and markers for the bathtub for Christmas. Basically because I've been way too lazy to get them out most bathtimes, he's never really played with them. Brian has used them with him one other time, but that's all since Christmas. Well, Eli has finally discovered that he's big enough to open drawers and reach into them to see what kind of goodies he can find. Nothing is safe in the house anymore! Anyways, he found his crayons and markers one afternoon while I was filling up his bath water so he got to take them into the tub with him. They are very cool and if you ask me, this is the way art should be. I don't have to worry about clean up for him because he's already in the tub, and they wipe right off the tub with a washcloth. Eli had a blast coloring his bath tub. So did I:) Now the trick is just going to be making sure that he doesn't think he can color on any surface he pleases (see picture at the bottom!)

So one day last week Eli "discovered" a pencil in one of our junk drawers (again, ever since he discovered he can reach into drawers, nothing is safe!). He's played with pencils before and it's not really a big deal (all of our pencils are mechanical). But the lead was out on this one and I didn't know that. So.....Eli decided to do a little bit of art in the house for mommy. Apparently my decorating isn't sufficent enough for our little boy wonder. I was feeding Kamdyn so I didn't really think to check on him. I've decided feeding times are very dangerous in our house. Eli has realized that he can sneak off and do pretty much anything because I can't see him. I always start feeding her in the same room as him, but he never sticks around for long. Maybe I should invest in a leash for our child for nursing times for his sister(probably wouldn't be very nice)!? Anyways... I didn't even notice his handywork until later that day. He came back in to play like nothing had happened and I just foolishly chose to believe nothing had. But I noticed his art when I was going into Kamdyn's room to change her diaper. Lucky for Eli he just used pencil and Brian and I finally got the paint in her room matched so we can cover up any marks and dings in the room. I think some of my OCD cleanliness has gone, he did this a week or so ago and it's still sitting on her wall. I'm way to lazy to get it cleaned off and painted over if I need to. At least it gives me a nice smile everytime I walk into the room:)

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