Monday, March 22, 2010

New Territory

Eli is always discovering new things around him everyday, but recently we've entered a new phase that I'm not used to with him. Eli has never been one to put a lot of stuff in his mouth. Sure, he would chew on things a lot if he was teething, but he's never been a kid that puts anything he sees in his mouth. Those days are over. He has recently discovered a love for putting anything and everything in his mouth. It all started with the Carter's sticker (well probably started before this, but this is when the true fascination started). Then he started putting his magnets from his etch-a-sketch in his mouth. After that is was a rock he found on the floor. Seriously?! How do these kids find these tiny things! Then he chewed on our food ticket for lunch one afternoon and very kindly gave it to me all slobbered on. Very gross. The funniest thing is that he walks into the room with this proud little smile on his face. He knows he's not supposed to chew on these things, but he truly gets a kick out of coming into the room with a new little treasure in his mouth. Makes it a little scary to think about what he's going to be like as a older toddler. YIKES!!

On the other front, I'm getting used to Kamdyn's dramatics. For those that have spent any amount of time with Eli, you know that he's pretty dramatic. But Kamdyn is so dramatic about things Eli never was. It's kind of entertaining to see the differences between the two. If I ever wanted to mess with Eli, feeding time was the time to do it. He just didn't care what I did to him as long as he was eating. Kamdyn is the complete opposite. Whenever I try to clean the fuzz out of her fingers during feeding, she just gets ticked. Same thing goes for if you accidentally poke her or scratch her. She gets so mad so fast, no warning. Crazy little drama queen!

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