Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Background of a nickname

I can very randomly throw comments or statements out there; they typically have nothing to do with what we've been talking about. Because of this, Brian usually asks me, "what brought that up?" So, being me, I retrace my train of thought. Sometimes, it doesn't take me long to back track, but other times, my thought has to be traced a ways back. Brian usually regrets asking me, but hey, he asked, so I was just clarifying it. Anyways.....what does this have to do with a nickname, you ask? Well, our nicknames for our kids got started this same way. I don't know why, but Brian and I are big on nicknames for our kids. Their given names are great (obviously we think so since we named them), but we use "nicknames" for them more than their real name. Before we ever had kids I told Brian that I wanted to have names that could make cute nicknames, or have cute shortened versions too. I love my name, but I just never had a cute nickname or "shortcut name" for Krista. Hence, the nicknaming

Elijah aka "Eli" "Binger" "Binger Boos" or "Bing.
why all of this bing and binger stuff? Well, Eli's nickname acutally came from Brian. I had a different nickname for him at the time (don't even remember it now), but Brian started calling him Binger all the time, so it just kind of stuck. Brian was calling for Eli one day and started to say "stinker" and "booger"....what came out instead was Binger. So he started calling him Binger, then we would throw in Binger Boos and Bing sometimes too. Those are the names we use for Eli the most. He actually answers to all of them too. Poor kid, he's going to think he has 5 names when he gets older:)

Kamdyn aka "Kammy" "Kammy-do" "Kammy doodle" "Doodle" or "Doodle bug"
ok, stay with me here, Kamdyn's nicknames came from me, and the trail is just a little bit longer than Brain's was (one fundamental difference between men and women; my thoughts never seem to be simple!:)) Not real sure why, but for some reason I started calling Kamdyn, Kammy-do one day. This made me think of the song "Yankee Doodle". So from "Yankee Doodle" I got Kammy doodle. Then I started just calling her "doodle". She is our little love bug, so I started calling her "Doodle bug." Sadly, we still do use all of these names on Kamdyn too, but the most often used ones are Doodle and Doodle bug.

I'm not real sure why we even bother picking out "real" names for our kids since we don't seem to use them much. But I'm thinking they may thank us someday when they are teenagers and want to use normal names. I don't think I would have really enjoyed being called Doodle bug in all my classes in college:)

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