Saturday, June 5, 2010

Play Place

We've been busy little beavers over at the Hutton household the past couple of weeks. I repainted the kitchen (with a little help from Brian when my shortness prevented me from doing it myself), and Brian got Eli's play place put together in the back yard (I in no way contributed to this going up with the exception of nagging and bugging him so that he'd get busy on it: sorry babe!). We've decided to go ahead and put the monkey bars that came with it on, so Brian still has to do that (no rush though babe, he won't even use them for a while!). The nice thing about this play set from Lowe's is that you can add things to it if you want. When Eli gets older, we might put a few more things on it. I really want the little climbing wall. I know, this thing isn't for me, but I think it looks cool, and who says mom can't have a little fun too!! I gotta watch him on it, might as well just go ahead and play on it too (I've already tried out the swing).
This was an early birthday present for Eli from his Grandpa Bob and his great grandma and grandpa Baker. We wanted to get it a little early so he could enjoy it before it got too dang hot outside (lucky for us, it is entirely in shade from about 7:30 on, so we will be spending a lot of evenings out there I'm sure). Eli loves this thing. He's only been able to play on it a couple of times so far, but he has a blast. He loves swinging, but I think his favorite part right now is the slide. He will go up and down that thing over and over. He gets some great speed too. It's hilarious to watch him; he zooms down the slide, sometimes falling, but hops right back up and runs straight for the ladder again. I was a little worried he might have a bit of a hard time with the ladder at first (he's used to stairs), but he's done a great job. He still gets a little assistance,but he's pretty much got them figured out. At least if he falls, it's not too far down:). This play place usually causes a bit of a tantrum when it's time to go inside. The sprinklers are usually our little helper. Brian has them set to go off around 7:50ish in the evening, so if we can't get our little guy in, we just have to wait for the sprinklers to go on:).
So a big thanks to Grandpa Bob and great grandma and grandpa Baker. Eli loves his birthday present (therefore mommy does too). And an extra special thanks to Brian for braving the heat of the garage and backyard (and my always present nagging) to get it put together and put up for Eli.

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