Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh the joys....

Of weeding a garden that is. Wait.....did I miss something? Weeding is joyful?!? Not in the household it's not.

I have been blessed with an amazing husband (for many different reasons) who loves to make our yard look good. Brian's "territory" is his yard, and he takes great pride and joy in getting it looking fantastic. But there is one area of the great outdoors in which Brian fails miserably at. Not because he doesn't try, but because he just NEVER does it. That is weeding. Brian will be the first to tell you that he hates weeding. And since he hates it, he never does it. Maybe if I bug him enough, he will weed the flower beds once a year, but that's only if I use heavy bribery and beg a whole lot. Needless to say, this doesn't happen often:). If I say something about how bad the weeds are getting, he just makes a comment about going for the "natural grasses" look. What a goof ball. He likes to tease me that for someone who claims to not really mind what our yard looks like, I am pretty picky. This is a very true statement:)

Why don't I get off my lazy butt and go do it you ask?.....well there are a ton of reasons. I probably am just too lazy to get out there half the time, especially when it's super hot. I hate bugs. Any kind of creepy crawly really. They seriously give me the heebie jeebies, so the idea of going outside to possibly have who knows what kind of bug crawl all over is not my idea of a picnic in the park. NO THANK YOU! I wear gloves every time not because I don't like to get dirty, but because I feel like it gives me a little extra barrier from all those buggies hiding in the rocks. Probably really doesn't make a difference, but I feel a little bit better. I could probably start charging people to come over and get a laugh when I'm in the beds weeding. I figure it has to be pretty entertaining; it is for me after the fact. It is not unknown for me to randomly jump up and brush myself off or swat at an invisible bug. If a leaf brushes my arm or shoulder, I'm very likely to jump out of my skin. Not to mention the countless spider webs I seem to find and run into. So ridiculous. I always feel like my skin is just crawling after I "play" in the flowerbeds. I'd much rather be inside scrapbooking than be outside fighting the weeds in our flower beds. Did I mention I HATE bugs!

But.... I finally decided that since there were certain weeds in our beds that had begun to look like bushes, it was time to give those beds some TLC. One of us was gonna have to face the job. It definitely wasn't Brian. He would probably be all for the "natural" look. So I armed myself with some gloves and got the trash can out. I still have a long way to go, but there is a vast improvement out there. I only freaked out a couple of times, so I consider the morning a success. I've decided that I should probably just get "territorial rights" to the flower beds now. I don't think Brian will ever get better with the weeding, which means I'm probably going to have to do it. That entitles me to be in charge, right? Next time you come over, make sure to pay special attention to those beautiful beds out front that are nicely weeded:). Unless of course they aren't nicely weeded, or even looking halfway decent; then you can just ignore them and pretend you never noticed.

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  1. LOL! Mornings are the best time to weed. Trust me- I know. I've weeded and re-weeded all THREE of our "flower beds"! Well, now it's two because I finally gave up fighting with the GIANT one around the tree in the back. :) Anyway- I always cover myself in bug spray when I go out too. Makes a world of difference. I was weeding the other evening and i actually brought out our citronella candle from the back patio table and sat it next to me on the ground. It helped a ton! Mosquitos love me. Let's just say the feeling isn't exactly mutual.

    See you tomorrow!! I'll probably be there about 11. We're going garage sale-ing! :D