Monday, June 21, 2010

Views of Summertime

We just recently added our own clothesline to the backyard. I didn't want one that had to be out all the time, so Brian came up with his own version. I mainly wanted one for drying our cloth diapers. They take forever to dry in the dryer, and sometimes just need some good ole' Kansas sunshine to get the stains out. I used to hang them on the fence with chip clips, but that just doesn't work very well:). It's been pretty nice. I use it for our regular laundry too (with the exception of socks and underwear; neighbors don't need to see that!). I figured we might as well take advantage of what the good Lord blesses this state with in the summer: lots of sunshine (most the time) and plenty of wind!! So far I've really liked having this in the backyard, but I don't always like the sweat I work up putting the clothes up, but I guess it's worth it. It dries clothes very very fast too which is an added bonus.

Kamdyn is becoming quite the pro at rolling over. Eli sees how excited we get when she rolls over so the other day he decided that he would help her. It was pretty cute, he would roll her one way, then roll her right back over the other way. She thought it was pretty funny. I didn't know what he was doing at first, I just thought she did it on herself several times in a row.

But how cute are they. Whenever Kamdyn is laying on her stomach I lay down there too to talk with her, so Eli has started doing this for me. When she's on her tummy, he gets down on her level and talks with her and pats her back or gives her kisses. It just melts my heart. I hope he's always this sweet and loving to his little sister ( a mom can dream, right?)
Ok, this doesn't really have anything to do with the blog post title (pretty much half this post doesn't....), but this is the train I made Eli today with his toys. He kept asking me for a train so I thought what they heck. I was pretty proud of myself. I knew it wasn't going to survive long (consequence of living and playing with a 2 year old) so I took a picture. Good thing too, because during my little "photo shoot" the train bit the dust. Oh well, it was cool while it lasted/


  1. Woo!! Clothesline! I've been wanting one since I moved into my house! Send Brian our way to make one for me! LOL! :)

  2. How green of you! I love it! Great idea! And, so impressed you use cloth diapers! I didn't know that! I wish I had done that...maybe with number 2 someday! It was so great seeing you all over the weekend! Aiden says to tell you all hi! Loves and hugs!

  3. I'm going to look for a retractable one we can run between the house and garage at our place!