Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Go Mavs!

Brian had his first soccer game as head coach last night. I was a bad wife and didn't go. In my defense, it was originally supposed to be an away game (got changed to home last minute), and I went to bible study instead. That's a good reason to miss my hubby's first game...right? Well, there will be plenty more I'm going to try to brave with both the kiddos Kamdyn is still easy to take to games, she's content sitting, but Eli is another story. That busy body is a nightmare! All he wants to do climb up and down the bleachers. Could be an interesting soccer season:)

Anyways, enough rambling. The mavricks won their first game of the season against Ark City. The score was 2 to 1. I know Brian was pleased and hopefully they can get another win on Thursday against Goddard. Soccer season is now officially in full swing.

For those of you that are interested in reading it, Brian was interviewed for his first article on catch it Kansas. My hubs the head coach....I'm proud of you babe!

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  1. Go Brian!!! That's awesome! Good luck at your first soccer game with the kiddos, Krista!