Saturday, September 11, 2010

A little photography help

I have such a wonderful husband:) He's always (well, almost always) willing to be goofy to help me out. Thanks babe!

I'm taking a photography class online to help me learn/understand/take better pictures with my camera. This is week one, and so far I'm really liking it. We have weekly assignments to help us learn a function on the camera better. This week the lesson was all about shutter speed. So, for our assignment we needed to take some pictures with a slow shutter speed (makes the pictures blur) and a fast shutter speed(freezes the picture). We went to the park this morning with the kids to enjoy the beautiful weather. I was trying to get some pictures of Eli, but I wasn't having any luck. So, I asked my wonderful husband to do some fun jumps for me so I could do some experimenting. And he happily did so for me. I told him these pictures wouldn't go on the blog....but then he said he didn't really care, so here I am posting them:)

I'm using a slower shutter speed here so Brian was starting to blur a bit where he was moving. Pretty fun stuff to mess around with:)


  1. Impressive how high Brian can jump! I have been wanting to take a photography class too...and want to buy a new camera. Any recommendations?

  2. I have a dlsr, much better than a point and shoot (like what you have, and what I used to have:)). I have a canon rebel and LOVE it. I'm not even entirely sure how to use half of the functions on my camera (hence the class I'm taking:)) but it still takes amazing photographs. I think you would be very happy with it. It is definitely more bulky to carry around, and more expensive, but it's well worth it!