Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How we spend our evenings

Brian and I often make up new "games" to play with Eli in the evenings. They are ridiculous little games that he seems to love and that we usually end up regretting we even started with him. I always say, "If you don't want to do something ten thousand times, don't start." This is true of our made up games. Eli loves them, and constantly wants more. It's nice that it keeps him occupied, but it usually wears us out! Brian was making Eli fly in his laundry basket the other day. He was having a blast, but that's a lot of work to swing him around in that basket. Brian is a great daddy and will do it over and over for Eli. I don't usually do it quite as many times as Brian:)

We also spend a great deal of our day keeping this little rugrat from destroying her brother's train track. Having a train table in Eli's room was an awesome idea before Kamdyn became mobile. Now, I often ask myself several times a day why we put something like that in his room. He could play with his trains all day long, and Kamdyn could destroy it happily all day long. Neither one of us has the desire to fix the track all day long., so we spend most of the day trying to get her interested in other toys (sadly this rarely works).

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