Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This past weekend we went to Illuminations. We took Eli last year and he seemed to enjoy looking at all the lights. We decided it probably just needed to become a tradition. But this year instead of going with daddy, we went with Granny and Aunt Erin and cousins too. The kids all seemed to have a lot of fun. Eli loves running around chasing after his cousins. Kamdyn and Shepherd did an awesome job too sitting in the strollers all evening. Thankfully we had a nice night. It was pretty chilly, but there wasn't much wind, so it was bearable outside. Can't wait to take the kids again next year. Then I will have two running around!

They were pumped....can you tell. It was tough controlling Kamdyn:)

I think this was a new addition this year. I would have passed it if I had know it was there. Not because I didn't want to see it, but Eli has a slight obsession with trains, and I knew if he saw it it could be hard to pull him away. Sadly, he heard it before he saw it, so there was no turning back. He would have gladly stayed there all night, but this is where the cousins and granny come in handy:) If I had taken him away from the train, he would have thrown a royal fit, but with Wesley and Bethany moving on, and Granny pulling him away, we escaped fit free. Thank you granny and Wesley and Bethany!
Had to get a shot of all the kiddos. Bad picture, but funny moment. Kamdyn and Shepherd were sick of the strollers, Wesley was freaking out about being on the ledge, and Eli and Bethany were interested in other things.

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