Monday, December 6, 2010

Our sad excuse for Christmas decorations

This Hutton family looks a little bit like a family of Scrooge's. We are very sadly behind on our Christmas decorating. I am one of those people that won't put the Christmas tree up until after Thanksgiving. So the earliest Brian is ever allowed to bring our tree up is Thanksgiving night. I LOVE Christmas decorations. I think they are beautiful and make the house look so nice....but I hate putting them out. For those of you that know me well, you know I am kind of an OCD clean person...everything has a place, so when it comes to Christmas decorations, I kind of feel like the house is out of order. But I still put them out. This year has been the exception. For whatever reason, I just have no desire to decorate the house. Brian brought the tree up Thanksgiving night, but we couldn't decorate it yet because the rest of our Christmas stuff was in the attic. I certainly haven't pushed Brian to get it down:) I had already decided that I wasn't going to put ornaments on the tree this year because I don't feel like constantly keeping Kamdyn away from all the ornaments, but I had planned on putting the rest of our stuff up. But it's still tucked away safely in our attic, and at this stage in the month, I don't really mind if it never makes it down:) Thankfully the kids are young enough to not know the difference. Eli loves Christmas, and all the Christmas decorations, but he is happy enough with just the tree being plugged in. It's a good thing too, because that's as good as it going to get in this house this year. So sad I know. But I do have an advent calendar too. I put it out 3 days late (had to get it cut out and put together), and there is nothing "fun" to do hiding in the envelopes this year, but it's still out:) So, if you come to our house this Christmas season, don't think we hate Christmas. We don't, I'm just too unmotivated to make it look like Christmas time in here. For this year, our undecorated tree and advent calendar will just have to be enough....

Here is my finished advent calendar. It took forever to cut out all the stuff for this, but it was worth it.....I love the way it turned out. I have big plans to put some really fun activities in it next year. In fact, maybe I will just get them ready before I put this away for the year so I don't have an excuse to drag my feet next year:)

I hope the rest of your houses' look much more festive than ours! Poor Eli.....he loves Christmas.....pretty sure I'm failing him on this season this year:)

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  1. Go easy on yourself, sis! I'm sure Eli just wants Santa to come to his house! I say read him Christmas stories and you're good to go!