Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's a.......

For those friends and family who haven't heard yet.....we are having another little boy.

We got to find out on Wednesday. Brian, and a lot of others, were guessing I was having a girl. Brian was really hoping he'd be right:) Mainly because he guessed right with both Eli and Kamdyn and he was hoping to have a perfect record....instead he had to settle for a 66% success rate in guessing the gender of our kids. Still impressive. Pretty sure I was wrong with both Eli and Kamdyn and never really committed to a guess this time. We are beyond thrilled. While a girl would have been fun to even out the numbers in the family, little boys are so much fun. Besides, Brian is happy because now his little princess has a brother on either side of her for protection:) Not real sure how she's going to like having two brothers and her sandwiched in the middle, but mommy and daddy are pretty pleased about it! Besides that, we will save a lot of money with a boy. While I enjoy boys clothes, it's so much easier for me to walk away from! Besides that, I have three tubs of clothes from Eli that will be set in the perfect season for passing on. Score!

Truly, we are just thankful for a healthy baby. Our sonogram technician said that he won the award for the most active baby she had had. He was all over the place. Every time she'd try to get a good picture of him, he'd move. It was funny because we've never really had any problem finding out what we were having. I always thought it would be fun to not find out this time (this is our last one people!) because we already have a boy and a girl. But when I got the due date of August, I decided that I didn't think I could be patient. I wanted to know if we would have absolutely everything we needed (our case with a boy because Eli was an August baby too) or get some stuff for a girl since Kamdyn was a winter baby. Besides, I love cleaning out stuff, and I just wanted to get rid of the tubs of baby clothes we didn't need. So, once we decided we wanted to find out, I kept thinking that this would be the kid that would be stubborn and have their legs crossed and make it impossible to see. When we told the sono technician we wanted to know, she started looking. But she couldn't see anything at first because the cord was between his legs. I'm thinking, "great, this will be the kid we are forced to wait:)" She was eventually able to work around it enough to see that we did indeed have a little boy. Pretty exciting stuff! Now we just get to wait around to meet him. I can't wait! It will be so fun to see if he is a spitting image of his daddy and brother, more of a mix of both Brian and I, or more favoring of me like Kamdyn. And you all only have 20 more weeks to wait to find out his name:)

PS. Sorry about the crummy pics....I'm far to lazy to edit anything in photoshop to make them easier to see:)
Part of what you are seeing here is the cord, that's why he looks so crazy:)

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  1. Congrats, Sis! Boys are super fun! SO excited for you guys! Love you bunches! xoxox