Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Wreath

Doesn't my creativity when it comes to blog post titles astound you all?! I always try hard to come up with fun, catchy titles for all of my posts, but usually all I can come up with is the obvious (and boring:)). The same is true for my scrapbook pages. I will sit and try to think of fun titles for my pages, and all that ever comes to me is just the obvious...i.e. a trip to the zoo. Lame I know. But unless there is a website or blog out there that gives you titles for every event known out there, my titles are probably not going to get any more creative or catchy. I know you all think I'm so creative, but truthfully, I just steal my creativity from others who truly are creative and copy. Give it my own little twist. I'm just a good crafter:).

Anyhoo, I'm off on a tangent. Let's get to what this post is really about. I made my first (for us and our house) wreath this week. I've seen so many cute wreath ideas out there lately and have been wanting to do one for us for a long time. I love the idea of having a wreath for every season or holiday, but really I'm way too lazy to make or buy that many different wreaths. So really, this one I made will probably be up year round. I might try to add something different to it for each season, but more than likely, this one will stay up until I get sick of it or make a new one. Good thing I'm totally in love with the one I made right now. Maybe that means I will be happy to have it stick around for a very long time. I was pretty proud of myself and the was my first attempt at making rosettes (I've been wanting to do this forever too and have just never gotten around to it). My friend, Mindy, always makes these super cute wreaths to sell and she inspired me. So I finally go some stuff and got to work. Here's the finished product....and probably what you will see hanging on our door for years to come:)

PS. This was really fun and easy to make, so if anyone needs a fun gift idea for a present or something, let me know and I'd be happy to make you one:)

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