Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best Buds

When I first became a mommy, I was entered unchartered waters by myself. Non of our friends from high school or college had kids yet, or really even had plans of kids anytime in the near future. So I was the loan man on the totem pole. Thankfully, I have an amazing sis-in-law who already had a kiddo and stayed home too. She was nice enough to let me come over for "playdates" and to invite me over when she had playdates with her friends:) So thankful for that.....otherwise, mommyhood would have been very lonely for a while! That being said, in the last almost three years, I have met some amazing women and mommies who have become some of my dearest friends and biggest support system. Liz is one of those women. Our boys are only a week and a half apart. We met at MAPS at church when our boys were just 4 and 6 weeks old. We were in the same group and already had so much in common with our little bundles:) I think we were both just praying that first meeting that the boys didn't wake up and scream and disturb everyone else, lol. Regardless, that was the beginning of a great friendship (well I can only really speak for myself here:)).....for both parties, and the boys. Liz has become one of my dearest friends over the last three years, and these two boys are the best of buds. Whenever I tell Eli he gets to go play with his friends he is instantly saying, "I see Grey....I love Grey." It just melts my mommy heart to see the friendship of these two boys. Since they are the same age, they are always in the same class at church, and it's the reason Eli gets excited to go. He talks about his "best bud" all the time, and is so bummed when it's time to go home from playing with him. So much fun to see this little relationship grow and change! And I know that I'm very thankful for the friendship I've found in Grey's mommy, and thankful that our boys just happen to like each other so much (may have only been slightly forced when they were babies and Liz and I made the boys play together, lol).

This is the best picture I could get of them at the zoo together a couple of weeks ago....they are 2 1/2, I considered this a success!
And because she's just so darn cute that I couldn't leave her out of the post to, here's a picture of Kamdyn enjoying some time to roam at the Tiger exhibit. This girl is all drama, and about as much drama as I can handle, but she sure is adorable:)


  1. Oh Krista!! I am behind in my blog reading (as usual) and I just now read this!! Love it! And thank you! You too have become a dear friend of mine and I treasure our friendship greatly!! I love that we can call on each other for a last minute play date when we are going crazy :) Or that we can chat it up for hours about everything!! I love you girl! So glad God brought us together! And how precious are our boys together? Seriously, they truly are best buds forever!