Saturday, April 2, 2011

From the mouth of babes

Having kids is very entertaining, for a number of reasons. The older Eli gets, the more and more he says. He is actually a very verbal and a great talker for 2 1/2. It's just that most of time that many of you see him, he is surrounded by his cousins, and ALL of them are much louder and more outspoken than him. But the things he says and does around us are halarious, and he just cracks us up. It's not always what he's saying, it's just how he says certain things that is funny. So I thought I'd put a few of the funny things he says for all of you (and for my memory so someday I can look back at this list!)

A couple of weeks ago Eli was asking Brian to build him a new train track (FYI, B is always the one who has to build new tracks. I tell him this is his fault:) He started building really nice, big, elaborate tracks a long time ago, so Eli very quickly learned to favor daddy's tracks over mommy's very fast non-elaborate ones). I told Eli if he wanted a new track, I was going to build one. But nevertheless, when we got home, Eli wanted daddy to do it.
E: "daddy, I want new track."
B: "Eli, mommy's going to build you a new track."
E: " Oh come on dad, give me a break! You do it!"
Seriously, where do kids get this stuff. Give me a break isn't even a phrase Brian or I use much around here. Too funny:)

Whenever Kamdyn is crying Eli comes up to me and says, "Mommy? Do?"
I can never quite figure out if he's asking me what I did to his sister, or what she did to herself.

Yesterday Eli was lying on top of Kamdyn. She was not enjoying this game nearly as much as he was and was crying because she wanted him off. As I come around the corner...
K: "Eli, stop laying on your sister. She doesn't like it, that's why she's crying."
E: "No mommy, I lay on sissy!"
(Too bad Kamdyn didn't have a say in this fun little game! It's tough being the little one sometimes)

One of Eli's favorite songs by far is Isty Bisty Spider. I have to say though, I think his rendition is my favorite...
E: "Bisty spider, watch (his way of of saying washed) ew out! Came sun, all the rain. Bisty spider, watch ew out! ".....over and over and over again. The best part about this song when he sings himself is that he is cracking up the whole time, and he usually has is sister going too.

Eli is a crazy boy (again, I know some of you doubt this because he is so calm and serious when you see him. I just gotta say, it's not his true personality around home:)) He is always running around like a maniac. I couple of weeks ago he was running circles around his train table. First he hit his leg.
E: "Ouch mommy, I hurt knee."
K: "I'm sorry babe, go slower next time."
30 seconds later....he hits his foot on the table
E: Ouch mommy, I hurt sock." :)

Whenever he hurts himself, he just comes to me for a kiss and says," I hurt me." Pretty cute. Even funnier is when he gets onto Jake for hurting him...."ouch Jake, hurt me!" (usually said with a very serious voice)

Funny stuff. I can't wait to see what else he comes up with next. And before I know it, Kamdyn will be there saying goofy things right along with her brother. At this point in her life, a few words would be fabulous:) I forget how hard it is communicating with a one year old. It's hard enough with a two year old, but man, at least he can kind of put a complete sentence together (however, his two year old sentences would hardly help him pass an english class.)

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  1. Even tho he is pretty reserved around us - I can so see that little glimmer in his eye. He will let it all hang loose some day - enjoy it while you can!!