Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's finished!!

The basement is finished!!!! Who Hoo!!! As I'm typing this, I'm sitting on our couch downstairs in the put together basement. So nice. I felt like this little remodel project took forever. In reality, I'm just super impatient and it went so fast. From start to finish it took exactly 2 months. Not too shabby to finish a whole new part of the house. And it looks awesome! I'm in love with the finished product and can't wait to get some artwork and family pictures on the wall. Other than that, it's all put together.
I feel for Brian because I know once we got all the carpet in I was kind of maniac (what else is new:)). I can't stand disorganization and clutter, Brian isn't bothered at all by it. Two different worlds we live in. I've been living with clutter and mess for two months, so last Friday marked the day to get rid of it:) I was pumped, but poor Brian, who has been working on the basement all summer, just wanted to sit. I can't sit until stuff is put away. I mean really, I would wake up in the morning so early (like 4) and couldn't sleep because I would instantly be thinking of all the things I wanted to accomplish for the day. Then I'd just get annoyed and get up to do some stuff because I couldn't go to sleep. It paid off in the end, I got everything put together, and I am glad because now I can sleep in to a more appropriate hour (by my standards). We still have tons to do, our garage is still a holding place for lots of crap, and our unfinished area still holds a bunch of junk that we need to sort through, give away, and throw in the trash. Ahhh, I love cleaning:) It's a work in progress, and if it was up to me, we would probably have the garage and unfinished area cleaned out, organized, and put together. BUT, for the sake of my dear hubby, who has worked very hard, I'm trying not to bug him too much about it:) Just a little bit here and there. An OCD organized wife, who is very pregnant, is not a good combo in Brian's world! I have the need/desire to get everything in order even more than normal. I know once we pop this baby out, and Brian gets back to work and in the middle of soccer season, nothing is going to get accomplished. So I'm just kind of trying to charge through until it's all done.
Ok, enough babble about that. I will just get to some pictures. In order to spare you all the gazillion pictures I've taken of the whole process, I just put up one of each step on the way, and have more of the finished product. It's much better in person though, so you will just have to stop by and check it out for yourself:)

All cleaned out (mostly) and ready for some work to start
The kids loved running around in the basement while we were getting work done on it. I think their favorite time was when it was framed. They had a blast running through the "walls."

My new scrapbook room/office. I'm in love with this room. Turned out so great. I'm going to have lots of space to do some crafting. I need to get myself caught up and get to work!
Living room

Wet bar area off the living room
View of the living room from the hallway back to the bedrooms
That's it! Love our new space and so glad that I can just enjoy it now:)

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  1. Looks AMAZING!!!! WOW! GREAT job, Brian! What a handy man! What a creative team you are!