Thursday, August 18, 2011


About a year ago, I saw this idea for a really cool homemade "sprinkler" out of PVC pipe. I've been dying to make one since then (this means, I've been dying for Brian to make one). We didn't get around to it last year, which wasn't that big of a deal. But I was really hoping to do it this year with the kids getting older. Even though our kids aren't real big on sprinklers, I thought this might be fun and it might be something that they would love to run through. So, onto the summer bucket list it went. It's been so hot that I thought the kids would love to run through the water. So, we finally got some PVC pipe and connectors picked up and Brian got to work one evening. I think the whole thing took him about 15 minutes to make. All you gotta do it connect the pipe in whatever configuration you desire, and then drill some holes in it where you please. You can control how much or how little water will be coming out by how many holes you want to drill in. Easy!

Now, I was hoping the kids would love this little creation, but I definitely had no expectations. They have not been into sprinklers or splash parks at all, but I thought it was worth a shot and that maybe it would be better if they could see daddy making them their own sprinkler. Eli shocked me and actually ran through it by himself right after we turned it off. Of course, I wasn't anticipating that at all, so I didn't have my camera outside. And of course, the first run was the last one he was willing to make (at least by himself). I think the water was so cold that it just shocked him. But, both kids loved running through it with one of us. Good thing it was hot outside and we didn't mind getting wet. I actually think Kamdyn would love it if she could see her older brother being brave and running around having a ball in the water....but since that didn't happen, she was pretty reserved. She had a blast going through with daddy though. We just need some friends and cousins to come over and show the kids how much fun it really is (there's your invite guys!!).

This is as close as he would get on his own. What a goof ball!
Sorry for the very poor thumbnails for picking pictures are very very small and I clearly need to fix that before picking pictures:)

She went through about 5 times with her daddy and came out with the biggest smile and laugh every single time. This one is definitely much more adventurous than her brother....give her another year and she will be running through it all on her own with no reservations!