Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Splash Park

We have a little summer bucket list. We haven't gotten a whole lot crossed off of it. But we've gotten a few things:) Doesn't mean we haven't had lots of fun this summer, just haven't gotten everything crossed off our list. Part of it is laziness on my part, the fact that it's been soooooo blazing hot this summer, and the fact that we were finishing our basement so things were a little crazy. It's just going to turn into a fall bucket list too. We will get it all checked off!

BUT, we have done some of our bucket list. One of the things on the list was to visit a splash park. Wasn't sure how this would work out for us. Our kids don't really seem to like fountains or sprinklers or anything like that. They will play in a hose if nana or granny are watering flowers, but otherwise they steer clear. We visited the splash park in Valley Center with some friends. The plus side was that there was a great little park that the kids enjoyed playing on too. Actually, it's really all that they played on:)

Some of our cute little friends, Conrad and Griffin, enjoying the park before the fountains.
My kids are much more into puddles than they are fountains and sprinklers.
Always has to be just like her brother:) She was splashing around just like the big boys....can't slow this one down or hold her back.
This is as close to the fountains as the kids would get. They really crack me up when we go to these parks, any park with a fountain that we try to get them to play in. They will just walk around the outside of the fountains and occasionally stick their hands or feet in the water.
Jumping off rocks. He loves climbing and jumping off of things.

Fun day with friends. One of these days I know our kids will actually enjoy stuff like water parks. Until then, we will keep trying:)

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