Friday, August 19, 2011

Train Visit

It's no secret that Eli loves trains. Some might even call it mildly obsessed:) That's ok, I like that he's so passionate about something. And it makes him very very easy to shop for. We made another trip to the Great Plains Transportation Museum this summer. We went last year, and Eli seemed to enjoy it. He was a little unsure of how big the trains were up close, but overall he seemed to like it. So we decided to give it another try this year and see if he still had fun. He liked it even more this year, and I think this might just become a yearly little visit. However, I've decided that we need to start making our visits in the fall since this is basically an outdoor thing. We went in the middle of the summer last year too. STUPID! Even more so this year. The week we went was smack dab in the middle of our several weeks of over 100 degree temps. Granted, we went at like 10 in the morning, but still, it was hot. Not real sure why I only think of going here when it's hot. Oh well, Eli had fun. So did Kamdyn, she got to climb around on things:) And granny even went with us, so it was an extra special day. Thanks for sweating it out with us Mary! She had the camera most of the morning for me, and took a TON of pictures (put me to shame, but made me proud because I definitely have plenty to choose from). But, I only included a few from our trip there. Eli keeps asking to go back to climb around on the trains. Don't worry bud, we will go back, but it has to be cooler than 85 degrees out first!

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