Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dipping Chocolates......Oh so delicious

Clearly I'm a bit behind, because my fabulous sister-in-law blogged about this last week:) But, better late than never is the motto I live by these days!

Last Saturday we (meaning the Hutton women) did our yearly tradition of dipping chocolates. This is something Mary has done with her family forever. She did it all growing up and he continued on with the tradition. I have to say, it's one of my favorite traditions too. The first year I ever did this (when Brian and I were engaged, I was a little skeptical as to how much fun dipping chocolates could be. I was wrong for thinking that and am so glad that it's something we still do ever year. My waistline doesn't necessarily need it, but I sure enjoy it regardless:)

Erin and and I are the family dips. Meaning we get to dip our hands in a big ole' pile of chocolate and cover the centers in chocolate. Man do I love chocolate, so dipping is fun. And you get to smell like chocolate the whole rest of the day:)

Now that the kids are older, they always come over for a bit and get to try their hand at being dips. This was the first year for this little miss. And she did a fabulous job. I showed her how to do it one time, and she was good to go and went to town decorating her marshmallows. And she looks pretty cute in an apron too.
I will say, my kids hate having dirty hands though, so dipping for my children was very clean (can't say the same for my niece and nephews, they aren't afraid to get down and dirty with the chocolate!)

Last year Eli didn't want anything to do with dipping. He surprised me by actually doing some this year. He dipped a few candy canes and then decided he'd had enough and ran off to do "manly" things like look at train magazines or something:)

And here we are with all of our chocolates (well almost all of them, Mary and Erin were finishing up the nuts....I had to get home to get a handsome little baby down for a nap). It's a good thing we only do this once a year:)

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