Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jesse Tree/Advent Calendar

The Christmas season is upon us. I can't believe that Christmas is just a few weeks away now. Holy Smokes! Not sure where the last 12 months has gone, but it's sure gone fast. This year, I wanted to do some fun stuff with the kids. They are getting old enough to enjoy some Christmas traditions, so I decided we should get some new ones started:) One of those new traditions is the Jesse Tree. This is a fun thing to do with the kids to get them in the bible. We got a special tree for their ornaments.....each day, they get to open up a box that has an ornament in it with a picture on it. The back of the ornament has a scripture reference on it, so we open the bible and read the verses on it to learn about Jesus. The kids really like the ornament part. At three, Eli doesn't care a whole lot yet for the bible verses, but I think the older he gets, the more he will enjoy hearing stories about God and Jesus and his promises to us.

Another tradition I am starting up is the advent calendar (I will post some pictures of our advent activities at a later date). It's the same concept of the Jesse tree (do something different each day leading up to Christmas), but it's more activity based in our house. For those of you that know me well, you know that this might be a stretch for me:) I had to come up with 25 "Christmas-y" activities to do each day. I say this might be a stretch because several of the activities are crafty, or involve baking with the kids. I love being crafty, and I love baking, but not with the kids. I am not one of those moms that does fun crafty activities or bakes cookies with the kids on a regular basis. I wish I was, because they love doing this kind of stuff, but it just sort of stresses me out. So we don't usually do it. SO, December is going to be a special month for them:) And who knows, maybe I will learn to love some crafting and baking with the kids and we can make it a more regular thing.

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