Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our blonde haired, blue eyed baby Jesus

Disclaimer: this picture is not very good, you can hardly tell it was Parker, but he was up there rocking it on the stage:)
A couple of weeks ago Parker made his acting debut at church. A friend needed a baby to play baby Jesus in the church Christmas musical. Her youngest is Kamdyn's age, so she needed someone smaller. This is where Parker got his big break:) She asked if she could use Parker as baby Jesus. I couldn't say no to that! He did such an awesome job.
I was worried about him getting fussy or crying, but he did amazing. The first night he just looked around happily and was just transfixed on "Joseph" So cute. I was so proud:) I took some pictures on Sunday morning. He did just as awesome then. He started to fuss just a bit and I was really hoping that he wasn't going to start crying.....instead he just spit up all over the place. So funny! Everyone started laughing. He even started yawning during the song about sleep. What an actor! So cute to see my handsome little man up there on the stage. We just kept laughing about the fact that he certainly didn't look very jewish with all that blonde hair and his beautiful blue eyes. Regardless, he played the best darn baby Jesus ever!

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