Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So cute I might just sleep there

Earlier this summer, before Parker was born, we moved Eli and Kamdyn into the same room. Even though we were finishing the basement, I felt like Eli was too young to be down there by himself (why, i'm not real sure, he plays down there by himself all the time). So, we attempted the whole sharing a room thing. It didnt really work so well for us. Eli is not always the best sleeper, and he started messing with Kamdyn's pretty good sleep habits. She wouldn't go to sleep before 9:30 (bedtime is at 8:30) and Eli often woke her up in the morning around 6 when he was getting up. All of it was frustrating, but I told myself it would eventually get better. I waited and waited, and tried new things. There was one night that settled the whole separate room issue for me. Eli kept coming out of their room and it would upset Kamdyn so she started crying. I'd take Eli back to the room only to have him leave 5 minutes later "because sissy was crying". I would tell him she was crying because he kept leaving, and if he stayed in his bed, she would go to sleep. So I took him back to his room.....same thing happened again...and again....and again. Finally by 10, I took Kamdyn out of their room and Brian layed in bed with Eli. At 11:30, Kamdyn was still awake! End of story there for me. Clearly a shared room wasnt working for our kids, and I was tired of poor sleeping for both of them. I asked Brian what he thought about moving Eli downstairs and he said he thought it was a good idea. So, the room switching began! I was excited because this gave me an excuse to do over Kamdyn's room and give her something cute and girly. Eli's room is fun too, but it's still kind of a work in progress, so more on that later.

I'm in love with the grey and yellow color scheme, so that's what we did in her room. I also love damasks....so I got a big ole' stencil and stenciled a wall. I. LOVE. IT. So much so, that I'm jealous of my two year old daughter's room. There are still a few things I want to do in there, but for now, it's done. She doesn't really seem to care much either way, but someday I know she will:) I lovingly asked Brian if he would help me paint the room over Thanksgiving break when his mom had the kids for a granny day. He agreed (thanks babe!)
These are some cute hoops from my friend Mindy, etsy shop. I just thought they would go perfect in her room.
I found a table cloth at target that I loved that was the right colors, so I bought it and made them into curtains (don't look too close please!)
Her amazing stenciled wall. Oh how I love it. I didn't even mind doing it, kind of just got in a groove. It only took me a couple of weeks to finish by doing three or four here and there when I got a chance, and I was able to finish it up last week when I had a granny day (those granny days sure bail me out a lot when it comes to getting projects done! Thanks Mary!!) This picture doesn't really do it justice either. You gotta see this wall in person:)

Just a glimpse of the other wall in her room with my cheap Uppercase living art and the silhouette I did of Kamdyn. Oh, and her awesome clock I got from Hobby lobby:)

There you have it, Kamdyn's "girly" room all made over.

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  1. Holy cow - I'm in love. The wall and the curtains are fab - great job!!