Saturday, October 12, 2013

Little soccer stud

Soccer for Eli was an entirely different experience this year....for the better.  And I am very very thankful for that!  We didn't have to drag him to games and he didn't scream and cry:)  He was actually excited to go to soccer and to get to play.  And while he is no soccer prodigy by anyone's standards, he did so much better than last year and he had FUN doing that's all that matters to us. Plus, he was still a hoot to watch, so we got our comic relief on Saturday mornings.  He made a goal this year too!!  Just one, but still, he finally scored.  Brian missed that game of his, and he asked me how it happened.  I told him "very slowly":)  He is such a fast kid, but he's not super aggressive on the field, so when he gets the ball, he's never really sure what to do with it.  Ha!  We will see if he ends up wanting to play next year.  We don't care either way.  All we care is that our kids are active in something....doesn't matter what:)  Soccer season was definitely more fun with him this year, but I'm still so glad it's over! 

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