Monday, October 7, 2013

Three year olds and soccer

I'm not real sure those two go hand in hand very well;)  

Getting Kamdyn to soccer was a little reminiscent of her big brother last year....only slightly less painful.  But man did she sure look the part.  And so stinking cute in her little athletic shorts and shin guards:)  

Well, as you probably guessed, we decided to sign K up for soccer this year.  She said she wanted to play, and she was going to be on a team with all her pals, so we figured it would be perfect.  Not quite the actual story.....she didn't scream and cry and pout (well aside from the first game, but she's three, I'll give her one bad game:)), but she certainly had no interest in playing the game.  She was an excellent bench warmer.  HA!  And on the rare occasions that her coach (or daddy) was able to coax (or bribe) her out on the field she just kind of stood there or ran away from the ball.  Maybe we just did a poor job of teaching her the fundamentals of the game??.....that I will blame on her daddy;)  I know as much as the 3 year old does about soccer.  

So while her big soccer debut wasn't all that we hoped and dreamed and imagined (is anything ever with your kids?!?), she brought a great many smiles and laughs to us on our Saturday mornings. I'm not sure her coach felt the same way though, lol.  I don't think Kamdyn is cut out to be a soccer star, but at least she was a good sport and stuck it out for the season....even if only for the snacks at the end of the game.  Priorities people!  I keep telling Brian that there is just no way of knowing.....Last year Eli resembled Kamdyn on the field this year....this year he actually ran to the ball and kicked.  Baby steps.  

Gotta say, I am thankful that the season is over now.  We have our Saturday mornings back!  Woo Hoo!!

Ps. Don't worry, Eli played soccer too, but my camera battery died before we got to his game.  So I had to take pictures of our other soccer stud on a different day:)  His post will come soon!

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