Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Photography Lately

It probably doesn't come as a surprise that I love photography.  I love capturing a moment, and freezing it.  Because really, time flies by so fast.  

So lately, I've been working on photography a lot.  It helps that I have a lot of fabulous friends and family who are willing to let me practice my skills on them.  Because in reality, while I love taking photos of my own kids, the stars rarely align like they did the other day....and getting pictures of them is often a huge challenge.  So I try to find people who want some pictures that aren't used to me sticking a camera lens in their face all the time:)

Here's a glance at my first "belly" session.  My beautiful friend, Cheryl, is due in a couple of weeks with baby girl #2.  Can't wait to meet her and to do some pictures of her!

 Oh newborn....probably my favorite.  Mostly because I just love babies:)  And what isn't cute about a brand new babe?!  I think this could be one of the most challenging stages to photograph because a newborn can get pretty upset pretty easy.  But I got lucky.   Baby of the year right here:)  This is my fabulous friend, Abby's, precious 3rd.  Me and Abby are very similar in personalities, so we get along great and she's become a very dear friend to me.  Plus, she's got a girl K's age and a boy just a couple of months younger than P, so they have bff's their age too!  It's always fun when we get all of our kiddos together.  I hope to take many many more pictures of all these cuties in the future.

 And Sweet V.  This right here is Parker's future wife:)  Maybe not, but those two are just a month apart and already adore each other.  I love to see their sweet little relationship even at two.  I had to get a few photos to document her turning 2, so they got to come over and play.  So fun!  Such a beautiful girl!!

Doing more photography on the side has been a blast.  I love learning and capturing sweet moments for others just as much as I love capturing them for me:)  And thankfully I know a whole handful of people who are pregnant/just having babies in the next several months.

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