Monday, November 18, 2013

Bath fun

Several weeks ago I decided I wanted to get some fun pictures of the kids in the bath tub with bubbles. I thought they would be cute to put in black and white and blow up to put in the bathroom.  We will see if that ever happens.  Anyways, I set out to get some goofy pictures.  

Bubble beards.  Gotta love them:)

She's mostly just cute, but we attempted crazy hair.  It didn't stay standing up long enough.  But look at that smile:)
 And here's my darling, very uncooperative child.  He refused to make a bubble beard for me.  Or maybe we were just totally out of bubbles.  Either way, this is what I would have gotten.  But man is this kid cute!

 And would you look at this kid's amazing rolls?  Seriously, they get me every time.  I don't think he would like these kind of rolls when he's older, but man I sure hope they stick around for a while longer.  And his cankles......gotta love em':)

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