Saturday, November 9, 2013

Obligatory Train Museum Post

We did something totally out of the ordinary this year....we took our annual train museum trip when it wasn't 105 degrees outside.  Crazy sane idea, I know.  For some reason (probably because Brian is off of work so it's when I think of doing fun things), we always make our yearly trip when it's blazing hot this year.  After last summer, I decided we needed to quit that silliness and go in the fall when it was actually enjoyable to be outside on climbing on non-airconiditoned metal trains.  Smartest move ever.  It was actually a little chilly and so fabulous!  Nice to not be drenched in sweat when you leave the trains:)  And of course, the kids had  blast.  But Eli keeps asking when the big black engine is going to be working again and when  they are getting a new one.  Hmmmmm.....maybe he's finally getting tired of climbing on the same trains year after year.  Probably not:)  Enjoy!

 Sidenote: this little stroller is so hard to push on the gravel they have by all the trains.  It's much easier to just pull it along behind you.  So funny to watch Sawyer bumping along behind:)

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