Thursday, November 7, 2013

Painting Pumpkins

I've gotta round out our October activities before the middle of November!

I sort of despise carving pumpkins.  It's messy.  And gross.  And slimy. YUCK!  So, I opt to just let the kids paint their pumpkins instead.  We all win.  They still get to make a mess, they have a blast, and I don't have to touch gross pumpkin goo and seeds.:)  So after our trip to the pumpkin patch, we got to painting our pumpkins.  This was the first year I actually let Parker have a paint brush.  He was a fan.  He got a fair amount of paint all over him, but he was just in a diaper.  And he's cute.  He gets a lot of things based off his cuteness factor alone.

And Saywer helped by looking cute, chewing on a paintbrush, and playing hide and seek in the curtains. Silly boy!  I love him:)

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