Monday, November 11, 2013


Halloween was a little crazy but a lot of fun this year.  It gets so much better as the kids get older.  It's still not my favorite holiday, but my cute kids parading around in costumes make is so much better.  Plus, we could get rid of most of the their candy the day after at their dentist office which was kind of fabulous.  So I haven't been fighting them on eating all their candy (or had to stay out of it myself!!).

Their day actually started off at school with Halloween parties.  I only got pictures on my phone because I apparently drained my camera battery and it ran out of juice after the "parade"  But that's ok.  Because while they loved their parties, I was literally running all over the place that morning.  I was running behind to get their because I stupidly over booked myself.  Then I was trying to run back and forth between both their class parties and keep an eye on the other two kids too.  Whew!  Makes me break out in a sweat just thinking about it!  But the kids had a blast at their school parties:)

That evening we got dressed up and headed to dinner at McCallisters.  My dad works there and told me if kids came dressed up in costume they could eat for free.  Works for me!  However, I should have been using my head more.....because Brian was gone (he had class....they did it early, but he still missed the first half of our evening) and I was trying to get myself, and help the other three, eat dinner, at a restaurant, without making a huge mess, by myself in a limited amount of time:)  Apparently over booking myself was a theme of the day!  After dinner we headed by granny and papa's house and then had to make a quick stop to great granny and great papa's house (where someone, won't name names......decided they had to use the bathroom.  Talk about annoying to get the costumes off after they are already on!)  Then we rushed over for the main festivities of the night.....trick or treating with the Lowreys, our family bff's:)  We have made it a yearly tradition of trick or treating with them for several years now.  I think this is the third year in a row we've hit up their neighborhood.  The kids think it's pretty awesome.  Me too.  Trick or treating is so much better if you do it with good friends:)  I think we were out for about an hour.  More than enough time for the kids to get plenty of candy!  And they were tired too.  Lots of walking.  But lots of fun.  

I'm only beginning to imagine the craziness that is going to be our crew next year when Sawyer is walking and joining in on the fun ( I type this with great sadness because I don't want my baby all grown up and walking!!!)  But he will sure look just as cute in costume as the others:)

Happy Halloween (on November 11;))!

Sawyer enjoyed himself too:)  Poor kid is always stuck in the stroller tagging along with the bigger kids.

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