Monday, November 4, 2013

Maize Fall Festival

I've gotta get these October posts out of the now......can't believe it's already NOVEMBER!!

Anyways, several weeks ago, the city of Maize had their annual fall festival.  They have some pretty awesome rides and stuff set up and also have a parade every year.  Brian (me included really) had no desire to go to the ride portion of the fall festival.  But, I really wanted to take the kids to the parade.  I thought they would love it, it would kill a bit of our Saturday morning, and I had heard they would get a bucket load of candy (not that they needed candy, but I wanted some:)).  So we headed out.  It was a gorgeous morning.....a little chilly at first, but the sun was shinning and it wasn't windy.  And the kids loved it.  They loved seeing all the kids, bands, cars and trucks go by.  And they LOVED collecting their candy.  They had a bag full by the time it was over.  Sawyer got a little scared of all the loud noises.  The fire truck did it's siren and the high school bands played, so he got some cuddle time with mommy and daddy.  Really, I think he just wanted out of his stroller like the big kids, so he faked being scared to achieve his goal;)  Fun morning with the family! 

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