Friday, February 12, 2010

4 weeks

I can't really believe it, but Kamdyn is already 4 weeks old. It's one of those situations where it seems like time is going by so fast, but so slow at the same time. She goes to the dr. on Monday so we will see how much she weighs. I know she's getting bigger, but since I'm with her all the time I just don't notice it nearly as much as others do. She finally lost her umbilical cord today. I was so happy. I almost did a little happy dance:). I've been waiting for that thing to fall off for weeks now, but it just kept hanging on there. So now Kamdyn officially has a cute little belly button. Eli continues to be a fantastic big brother. He's lucky she's too little to care much about anything other than clean diapers, sleep, and food right now. Otherwise he might get on her nerves. He does a great job with her, but he just loves her so much that he is always wanting to "love" on her. He is constantly patting her or kissing her. The cutest thing is when she's upset and crying; Eli goes over and rubs her back or tries to pat her like he sees me doing. It's amazing the things they pick up on and notice you doing. He is such a little imitator. I'm so thankful for such amazing kids. Brian and I truly have been blessed!

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