Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Multi-tasking has new meaning

I'm a woman so I've always been a really good multi-tasker. In fact, it's rare for me to just do one thing at a time. However, sice children, multi-tasking has a whole new meaning for me. Nowadays it's rare to see me cooking dinner, picking up the house, playing with toys, starting the laundry, ect., without a child on my hip. Today was a new first for me in the world of multi-tasking. Eli smelled like poop, Kamdyn smelled like puke, and I probably smelled like a mixture of both (don't worry folks, i did shower today, my kids are just very good at getting their bodily fluids onto me). But poop is way worse than spit-up in my opinion. After using 6 wipes or so on Eli I decided to just give him a bath. Even if I managed to get all the mess off of him, he would still smell like poop. So into the tub he went. But, he decided to save his massive poop for his sister's feeding time. This is where multi-tasking comes in handy. I carted Eli and Kamdyn into the bathroom, put Eli in, and proceeded to nurse Kamdyn while Eli played in the tub (first I had to clean up Eli's pee on the floor:). He always pees if he is standing by the tub when you start the water and he doesn't have a diaper on. Pretty funny stuff). No worries, I was plenty close to the tub in case Eli decided to go "snorkling" while he was in the water. I was still in the splash zone so I could catch him if we went under:). In fact, I think Kamdyn and I even got a little wet one time. It worked out pretty well. By the time she was done eating, he was ready to get out; two birds with one stone there. It's time management at it's best:).

While I'm on the subject of baths, I have to ask....what is young kids obsession with drinking bath water? Eli does this all the time and I think it is totally disgusting. I know he's not alone because I've watched several other kids do it before. I don't think I would care too much except that I know what's floating in the water. Our kids aren't usually that dirty when they get baths; they are little and don't do too many crazy dirty things yet. But..... I have watched Eli pee in the bath tub almost everytime he's in there. And today he was getting a bath because he had a huge poop and still smelled like it. GROSS! Who wants to drink that dirty pee-poop water. Well, I guess the answer would be Eli. He knows I hate it too. He takes a drink from one of his toys and then just looks at me with a huge smile on his face. Onery kid. I know there are far more worse things in life, but it doesn't make it any less disgusting.

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  1. Way to multi-task momma! And, yes, my 3 year old loves to drink bath water. Disgusting!!!