Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pure Entertainment....truly

So a couple of weeks ago Brian had a Friday off because they had had conferences that week. So, I talked him into going with us to Pure Entertainment. This is a fairly new (also totally awesome) place here in Wichita. I might add that it wasn't very hard to convince Brian to go to this place with us; it's a building full of inflatables (think moonbounce). It is in the old BK tennis building where Brian used to take tennis lessons, and it is just filled with 7 or 8 different bouncing inflatables. They guy working there told us that they have over 200 and they switch them out every Wednesday. Very cool. Anyways, Eli is such a little daredevil and loves bouncing/climbing on anything so I thought this place would be a little piece of heaven for him. I also thought it might be a little piece of heaven for Brian as well. He is such a kid at heart and LOVES stuff like this. He is always telling me that we need to rent a moonbounce just so he can go play in it. So we get there and check things out. Eli was very uncertain of this whole thing in the beginning. In fact, he really actually hated it. We put him on one with Brian and he just wanted to climb off. So he came down and hung out with me and Kamdyn while she finished eating. Brian on the other hand, decided to try a few things out :). I say this place is pure entertainment and I mean it. I could go and just watch kids, or even better, my grown husband play on this stuff. It's actually more fun to watch Brian because he was going nuts. Eli was cracking up watching him play on this stuff. Brian was all over the place! After Eli warmed up by watching Brian for a bit he decided that he wanted to give this stuff a shot again. Success! This time he realized that it really was fun. After that, I don't think Brian or I sat down for more than 2 minutes. Eli was all over the place. My brother, sis-in-law, and newphew James met us as well. So did my best friend Sage and her little boy Malachi. Malachi wasn't real sure about any of it, but James was having just as much fun as Eli and Brian (have to make a note here that all of this stuff is very very fun. I was having a blast going down it too with Eli, but I just wasn't nearly as crazy as Brian:)). So anyways, this will definitely be a place that we go to frequently. I haven't been brave enough yet to go by myself without Brian. Eli is all over the place and I'm not real sure I'm ready to brave that yet with both kiddos. Here are some pictures of all the fun!
This is at the very beginning, Eli is definitely not sure that this is the right place for him.
But Brian is.....if I ever wonder where my husband has run off to, I think this may be the first place I check:)

Eli decided this must be a pretty cool place after watching his daddy do a few flips on the equipment.

Kamdyn was just taking it all in. She got so excited once she even pooped all over herself and bad mommy didn't even have an extra change of clothes! I'm thankful for good parents who do remember things like that (thanks Cathryn!). But she did enjoy getting to cuddle with her aunt Amanda and Uncle Ross who were in town for the weekend. This was the first time they met here and Pure Entertainment was the first time Ross got to see her at all.

Very cool slide. Climbing up it is a workout in and of itself, especially with a 30 pound 1 1/2 year old. I've decided I need to go there and go up and down with Eli to get a little of this extra baby weight off.

Brian can't just slide like he's supposed to; he has to bounce. Almost came back to bite him in the butt though. He almost bit it at the end.

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