Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arts and Crafts

Two of my favorite little Huttons:
We are so blessed to have our nephews and niece so close together in age. It has been so much fun watching the kids grow up together. Our kids are so lucky to have so many cousins so close to the same age as them. I foresee a lot of cousin slumber parties in our future:). But, I think it will be especially fun to watch Kamdyn and Shepherd grow up together. While all of the kids are close in age, these two are only separated by 2 months.

I've been trying to do some fun stuff with Eli when Kamdyn is napping in the morning on days we are home. This kid seems to love arts and crafts, so I've been trying to find some new fun things for him to do. The most recent project around the Hutton household was a egg carton caterpillar (don't judge the end result when you see the picture:), looks a little goofy). I pulled out some paints and a brush, googly eyes, and some pipe cleaners and we were ready to go. Eli was far more interested in dipping the paint brush in the paint He would make one swipe and feel it was necessary to get some more paint. Since I wasn't filling the brush with enough paint to keep him satisfied, he decided to divert his attention to the pipe cleaners.
Eli's finished caterpillar!

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  1. Did I just hear you volunteer to keep the kids overnight?!?!??! WOO HOO!!!