Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter was fun this year. Easter is always good,but it was fun to watch Eli toddle around this year. Of course, if you asked Brian he might now feel the same way since he's the one chasing Eli around his parents' house:) Thanks babe! Anyways, it was fun to have Eli be able to participate in the easter egg hunt. He cared more about opening the eggs than he did picking too many, but it was still fun. He also enjoyed just being able to run around the yard. He doesn't get to do that too often at home since Kamdyn is not a fan of the wind. I think his favorite part of the whole day, though, was being able to feed Kevin, Mark and Mary's adopted pet peacock, crackers. he loves that bird and talks non-stop about him when he sees him every week (I'm so thankful he doesn't hang around our house:)). Next year will be even crazier with Kamdyn running around with Eli

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