Friday, April 30, 2010

Now you know

~ I have recently become addicted to Melissa and Doug toys. They sell all kinds of toys for kids, but I've been hooked on their wooden toys. They are great (and maybe slightly more durable?)! Eli has a couple of Melissa and Doug puzzles already and I just got him a wooden pizza set. He really seems to like them too. He can actually cut the pizza apart (everything has velcro) and it has toppings that he gets to put on top. He was getting pretty ticked earlier, though, when he couldn't get the pizza to stay on his spatula. He even threw a mini fit because it wasn't working out for him. His screaming is pretty stinking annoying, but I do find it somewhat amusing when he throws a fit because his toys aren't cooperating the way he thinks they should. Anyways, these toys are great. You should all check them out:).

~ I've started running again. This is quite an accomplishment since I am running with the double jogging stroller. I could never even get my lazy butt to run with just the single jogger when we just had Eli, so I'm pretty proud of myself for doing it with the double. I actually do love running, it's just getting myself out the door to do it that is always the problem. Once I'm running, I usually like it. Unless it's crazy windy. I've gone running a few times in the wind and it pretty much sucks. I would probably have a hard enough time just dragging my own butt along, let alone the extra 50 pounds I'm pushing. So, needless to say, I haven't been running in the last couple of days. I don't usually run very far, but I figure I gotta be burning more calories since I'm pushing the kids, so the distance doesn't matter, right? Kamdyn doesn't usually let me run more than my standard mile. If I try to go much further than that, she starts screaming her head off. Then I get to focused on how much further we have to go and get exhausted. I guess she just doesn't like mommy getting back in shape:). Or maybe she just gets bored. Probably a little more likely.

~ It's official, I've become a picker. I remember hating (when I got older) my mom picking at me. Well, now I do it to our kids. All the time. There is always something to pick at on my kiddos; noses, ears, fuzz between the name it. Ah..... it's a good life, the life of a mommy:)

~ On the subject of kids, ours bring me so much joy. They are so funny and definitely keep me entertained. Since having kids (or more specifically, adding Kamdyn) I've noticed things I say that just kind of make me laugh later. Things I didn't really ever consider having to say in my life. For ex:
"Eli, stop playing in the potty. Toilet water is not a playtoy!"
"Eli, your sister does not need her teeth brushed! She doesn't have any teeth. Quit shoving the toothbrush in her mouth"
"Eli, get your finger out of your nose!" (I swear, he has his finger up his nose half the day these days. He's searching for buried treasure. And I'm pretty sure he ate his first booger today. GROSS!)
"Eli, you can't stand on Kamdyn's head"
"Eli, don't vaccum over your sister"

Are you noticing a common theme in my days. Eli loves to be "EXTRA" helpful:)

~ Newton is not very far from us, but it sure seems like it when you have to sing nursery rhymes the whole way home. We went to Newton today to pick up the rest of our cloth diapers. Kamdyn wasn't too thrilled about being in her car seat on the way home so I started singing to her. I sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider first, which is Eli's favorite, so I had to repeat it about 5 times. Then Eli decided that my songs were better than the radio, so he wanted me to keep singing him songs. I have a limit to how many times I will sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, so I ran through my nursery rhyme list. My list isn't too long. I was racking my brain trying to think of some ones I had forgotten. Like I said, Newton isn't too far away.... unless you have to sing the whole way home. Note to self: brush up on nursery rhymes!

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