Monday, April 19, 2010

Keeping me on my toes!

Because I promised here are a couple of pictures of the kids. Eli was all ready for daddy's first home soccer game. I planned on taking a few pictures while we were there, but 2 kids (one unhappy toddler because I kept him strapped into a stroller) and dinner prevented me from that:)
Kamdyn doing a little tummy time. Look how good she holds that head up!

I've always know that Eli was an onery kid. He is such a busy body and just LOVES to get into everything. That's why I love hanging out at home so much, I don't have to worry about him getting into things he shouldn't near as much. He's pretty much got free reign in this house as far as boundries are concerned. But, nothing has prepared me for his recent behaviors! He has gotten to be such a toddler and (sigh) such a two year old! He's not even two yet, but I can assure you that I'm already getting a taste of what he might be like. He has recently truly discovered his voice. He used to get upset when he didn't get his way, but now he flat out screams. And this isn't a nice little 30 second fit of screams, he does it for 5-10 minutes. He just cries and screams and sometimes even throws himself on the floor. I don't care if he feels like throwing a fit, but I could definitely do without the high pitched scream. Eli, find a new way to express yourself, PLEASE!!!!

I sometimes truly do think that he thinks up of ways to drive his mommy crazy throughout the day. He sure is successful. He loves to get into anything and everything, especially the things he knows he's not supposed to. Darn forbidden fruit, has to be so tempting, even to a 1 1/2 year old. He just can't stay away! If I turn my back for one minute (probably more like 30 seconds) he is off and running into something else.

Friday was an exceptionally good day for Eli ( in the getting into all kinds of messes way). It started bright and early too. I was fixing eggs for Eli. We had the screen door open because it was pretty nice outside and I just like the cool air in the house. I locked it like always (if I don't Eli likes to take himself outside). He was standing at the screen door watching Jake, who was outside. So I went about my business fixing eggs. I finished them up and took them to the table and turned to get Eli into his chair. Imagine my surprise, and heart attack, when I saw him standing on the deck (the door was still closed) just chatting away. Yup, that's my kiddo. He can find the only way possible to get himself outside. The screen was broken; Jake jumped on it the other day and it tore it. Well, Eli discovered that he could fit his whole arm through the door where the screen was torn way. So that became a new hobby of his. But, on this particular morning, he decided that he would just take himself out of the house by doing this. Crazy! Needless to say, Brian fixed the screen the next morning.

Wait, it gets better. My day has only begun.......

I was going scrapbooking Friday night. Brian had a game so my mom was coming over to watch the kids for me until he got home. While I was waiting, I decided that I would go ahead and get the car loaded up with my stuff so I was ready to go when she got there. Kamdyn was in her crib, and Eli was just playing around the house. I took my scrapbooking stuff out and was just picking up some trash to take to the garage. I shut the door behind me (if I don't Eli tries to come outside to help). Turned right back around and discovered that I couldn't open the door. Eli had somehow managed to lock me out. Pretty much started freaking out. He was whinning on the other side of the door and I didn't have my cell phone (or a spare key). Thankfully our neighbors were home so I could use their phone. Since I didn't have my phone, I had no idea of anyones numbers, except for Brian's and he was a game. I figured he wouldn't answer since he wouldn't recognize the number and he was coaching. I think I had to call about 10 times and he finally picked up so I could get his parents' number. Thankfully Mary was home so she rescued me and came over with our spare key.

Still more....

I figured Eli was probably freaking out by now. I had been locked out for about 10 minutes and he hates if I sneak into the garage for 30 seconds. So I rush into the house to console my little boy. was pretty quite. He definitely wasn't waiting at the door distraught because I wasn't there. I was met with silence. Scary. Headed back towards the kids' rooms and could hear Kamdyn crying through her shut door. That's right, Eli decided since I wasn't inside maybe he would just shut them both in her room to keep me out:). Opened the door to find Eli sitting behind it with Kamdyn's night light out of the socket, lightbulb unscrewed, and lightbulb in his mouth. Really? Definitely didn't miss me.

Note to self....don't EVER EVER EVER leave toddler inside house unsupervised, without cell phone in hand, and a spare key handy! This kid is getting good at the locks:)

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