Sunday, August 10, 2014

Birthday Party Fun

So I've finally gotten everything set up so that I can upload pictures onto a computer that actually has internet and works fairly's life changing:)  So I'm going to do something crazy.  I'm going to blog about something that happened yesterday.  Crazy fast turn around, I know:)  Hopefully now it will be easier to blog with my pictures on the same computer.  

So, yesterday evening, we celebrated our two sweet boys with August birthdays.  We had their big "friend" party last night.  And it was a blast!  For everyone involved I think.  Eli LOVES to draw and paint.  So, I decided on a "paint party" a while back.  It would give the kids all something to do and it would be fun too!  Now, it's there is no telling what the weather will be like.  Since we usually do our parties outside since there are so many people (mostly so many kids.....21 present last night....7 families:)) I figured we needed something water related as well.  So, I borrowed a big water slide from a friend.  Best.Decision.Ever.  

Onto the party details.  Disclaimer....I tend to go overboard with parties:)  It's just too much fun!  Since it was a paint party, I wanted pictures for the kids to paint and be able to take home.  I thought about letting them just draw their own thing, and then decided I would draw a picture for them and let them paint it.  So I went with something that was easy to draw and I could do by myself.  Owls.  So fun.  I can't take credit for this idea.  I got it from Meg Duerksen.  So you should search it out and do it yourself:) So the kids had painting and coloring and a water slide to keep them entertained.  I made some paint palette cookies, rice krispie treats, and cupcakes for treats.  So yummy!  I guess all that is left now is to enjoy the crazy amount of pictures I am posting.  I apologize for the amount.  But enjoy!

It was such a fun night and I'm so thankful for the friends who love on my babies and who I get to "do life" with!  Can't imagine this parenting journey without any of them:)

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