Saturday, August 23, 2014

More Birthday Fun

We finished our birthday celebrating fun last weekend with a family party at Granny and Papa's house. When I asked Eli what kind of party he wanted this year, he told me a swimming party.  But, doing a swim party with all his friends and their siblings stressed me out too much because there would be to keep an eye on.  So we opt for the pool party to be with the family.  Just a tiny bit less chaotic.  And a larger ratio of kids that can swim by themselves without having to worry about drowning as much:)

Granny and Papa had to leave early, so the boys got to open a few gifts right of the bat.  Parker was so funny to watch open gifts this year.  He genuinely got so excited about everything.  It was cute to watch.  Eli opened gifts in typical Eli fashion....tore through everything one right after the other.

After a few presents, and a few pictures for Papa (those to come later:)), we got to eat and then swim!  This is what the kids really wanted to do anyways.  And it was hot that day.  So the pool was perfect for them (I say them because I sat out and watched....made Brian do all the kid wrangling)  Eli and Kamdyn have become such good swimmers this summer.  It is so neat to watch them go all over the pool and to see their confidence grow!

After the swimming, they got to open more gifts and enjoy a cupcake!

And that rounded out our night.  So thankful for such an awesome family and so many fabulous friends in our lives to help us celebrate our boys!  

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