Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of school

Well, another school year is upon us.  This makes me happy and sad.  I am a routine person, and I like schedule, so it's nice to know we will be able to settle back into more of a routine with school.  But, I am sad to be losing my kids throughout the day.  They sure drive me bonkers, but I love having them around, and the house feels so empty with even one of them it's two gone every morning, and in another week, I will have three gone a couple of mornings a week.  AHHHHH!  Not sure what I'm going to do with myself....I haven't had one kid at home since we've only had one kid at home:)  I will also not miss the fighting (between the older two....the younger two dish it out about every two seconds).  But, like it or not, school has begun:)  Eli is a big kindergartner this year.  So hard for me to believe.  We still have the choice, so he's just doing a half day.  It's good for me and good for him!  I have to be out that way to pick up little sis around the time he's done anyways, so I can just make my school rounds all at once.  And Kamdyn is in her second year of preschool.  

I can say honestly say there were no tears at drop off this year.  Either that makes me a total unsentimental mom, or I'm just a seasoned vet now;)  Even though I don't necessarily see preschool as "school", it helps that my kids go to preschool in a big dropping them off in a big building is something I'm used to now.  And it helps that the kids were excited and know people in the their classes.  Kamdyn has Miss Tammy, the teacher Eli had his first year of preschool.  So we know her really well and Kamdyn likes her and talks to her often already....makes the transition for her much easier.  She also has several friends she knows in her class.  So double bonus.  And Eli is in a whole new building, but his bff and another good friend he's grown up with are in the his class, so he's happy!

Not much more to say other than to enjoy the obligatory first day of school pictures:)  Apparently Kamdyn is the second favorite child this day.  Just kidding....I just didn't take any pictures of her in her classroom....this is her second year of preschool, she's an old pro too;)

 The kids are very lucky because daddy doesn't ever have kids the very first day of school (because he teaches middle school 7th and 8th graders and the first day 6th graders are the only kids that go), so he gets to meet us for school drop off.  The kids think that's pretty awesome.  Because they think their dad is awesome....and get excited when they see someone other than their mom all day long!
 Our big kindergartner with his bff before the doors opened

 Eli's pals....he's know both these boys since he was a baby.  Now they are getting all grown up!!

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