Thursday, August 21, 2014


Well, we made it 6 years (with three boys!) and no stitches.  So I'm considering that a really fabulous run and a success in parenting:)  But, we finally had a kid get stitches....and it's wasn't the oldest...go figure it was the baby.  Of course, this should not be surprising at all because the younger two boys are wild and never.slow.down.  100 miles an hour at all times.  And I'm honestly surprised it hasn't happened before now.  But, last week an incident happened with Sawyer.  I say an incident because we aren't really even sure what happened.  It's possible Sawyer fell over his own feet and hurt himself, but I think there is a strong possibility he was hit in the head with the metal basket we use to store balls.

 I had a friend over with her 2 year old boy while the big kids were in school.  The boys were playing nicely and next thing we know Sawyer is flat on the ground crying.  I figured he fell:)  But when I went to get him for comforting, I noticed he was bleeding.  He had a tiny cut on his head.  At first we didn't think it was bad, but once we cleaned up the bleeding, we (meaning me and my friend....who is a nurse...came in handy that day:)) noticed it was pretty deep and would probably need stitches.  She did a nice make-shift pressure bandage for him to keep it nice and clean.  And I just pondered over whether I should take him in or not.  The dr. office couldn't get me in to see any drs that day, and I really didn't want to go to the minor care clinic with all the kids.  I was hoping to wait until the next day (Sawyer had a check up scheduled).  But after talking to another nurse friend and being told stitches needed to be put in fairly soon after the injury, I decided to suck it up and load the kids up and take him.

And and hour and a half later, little man had three tiny stitches.  He did awesome!  It was pretty sad and pitiful to have to stand back and watch him scream while they worked on him:(  But once they unwrapped his arms and I could hold him, he was ok again.  So we both survived our first stitches experience.  Something tells me this will definitely not be the only time one of our kids needs stitches.  Maybe we will get lucky and make it another 6 years?!?

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