Sunday, May 2, 2010

Morning at the Park

Here Kamdyn is on our time at the park in the baby bijorn. We went for a short walk before we let Eli down to play; I carried her around on our walk and Brian took over at the park so I could chase Eli around.
Since it is such a beautiful day outside, we decide to take the kids to the park this morning. Eli would probably live outside if I let him, so I try take him outside to play whenever I get the chance (or maybe just when I really feel like being out there(poor kid!)). It was also our maiden voyage trail for our baby bijorn that we got when Eli was born. Sadly we never used it with him, and by the time I even considered it, that kid was such a chunker I had no desire to haul his chunky monkey body around for more than I possibly needed to:). But Kamdyn is much more petite, so we gave a it a whirl. She seemed to like it pretty well. She was able to face out and see what was going on and it was like she was being held the whole time to. Double win for Kamdyn; two of her favorite things! Eli of course had a blast. He was movin' it all over the park. He loves going to slides. Once he discovered them, he was pretty content to go up and down. An added bonus was that he only had a minor meltdown when we left:). We've been working hard on controlling that little temper of his a getting him to listen (this is definitely still a major work in progress, but I will take any small improvements I can get!).

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