Saturday, January 14, 2012


This little man is 4 months old.....creeping dangerously close to 5 months old as we speak. And I'm not real sure how I feel about that. I haven't yet given him permission to grow up. In fact, I'd rather we just froze time with him right now.
I could be a mama to babies probably forever. It's just my favorite stage. Toddlers not so much. I love all my children dearly, but I don't enjoy the toddler phase. But man do I love this sweet baby stage. They are demanding and exhausting in their own way, but I adore it.
I feel like I am cherishing these moments with this little man more than the other two. B says we're done (and I'm ok with that only because I can't handle those toddlers!!!! I told some of my girlfriends the other day that we probably shouldn't have a house-full of kids just because I enjoy being pregnant, delivery, and the baby stage. HA!), so maybe I'm trying to enjoy every moment of baby that I can. Because already he is changing before my eyes. Becoming less like a baby, and more like a little boy. Each day brings him closer to less dependence on me and more independence for himself. Each day marks a day closer to reaching a new milestone in his life. Each day brings him one day closer to becoming that ornery toddler that I know he's going to be:)
And while I'm not REALLY okay with that, I am:) I'm excited to experience life with three older kids. I'm excited to see them experience life as they grow and see all of them change. I'm excited to do special things for the first time with all of them, and to create fun memories as a family with them. I'm excited to exit out of the toddler years and into the next fabulously challenging stage:)
But for now you can bet I am soaking up the baby-ness of my third. My sweet baby boy. Because before I know it, and LONG before I'm ready, he's not going to be a baby anymore.

Man, that was sappy. Which wasn't my intention when I set out writing this post. Must be feeling sentimental or something today:) But isn't he handsome!?! He is growing like a weed too. Can't remember all of his stats from his 4 month check because our doctor's office is changing their computer systems, and my print outs are different now. But, he was 14 lbs 4 oz. Getting to be a little chunk. And I'm pretty sure he is getting to be pretty close to being just as long as his big sister:)

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