Friday, January 20, 2012

Milk and Cookies

To celebrate Kamdyn turning two, we had a milk and cookies party. Best. Idea. Ever. Wish I could claim it as my own idea, but I stole it. Original idea or not, it was fabulous. I love cookies (well to be fair, I love any kind of sweet, but cookies are awesome). And what are cookies without milk?!?! Such a fun party to have, and even though it's been used, I think I may have to do this again sometime in the future.
I made five different types of cookies.....well, a fabulous friend made one type for me (THANKS LIZ!!!!) and I actually bought one more.....but still, I made a lot of cookies. We had chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, peanut butter, no-bake, and snickerdoodles. Yummy!!! I also had some cupcakes and peanuts and chex mix. All the good stuff you know. I failed on being a mommy for the day because I was frantically trying to bake about 12 dozen cookies, but I'm hoping I made up for it that night with all the delicious snacks and a house full of friends.
We certainly had a house full. So thankful that the basement is finished, because it made things a bit more bearable. The kids pretty much played downstairs and the adults congregated upstairs. Don't worry, we had two 5 year old supervisors watching over all the kids:) Just kidding, kind of.....there was adult supervision with the kids downstairs too. B said he counted, and including babies in-utero, there were 15 kids there! And that's not even counting the adults. So like I said, it was crowded. But so fun. So many people to love on our little girl and make her feel special on her special day. We are certainly blessed! I think I can safely say it was a successful second birthday party for Kamdyn.
But to some pictures. My fabulous friend, Allison, brought over her camera and took some pictures for me between trips to the cookie table (it was hard to resist the pull of those cookies). I'm so thankful she was willing to take a few, because otherwise this party probably would have gone undocumented. Thanks Allison!!

The you like my tiered cupcake stand? I finally made one! I've seen tutorials on these for ages and have been wanting to do it, but just put it off. What better excuse than a party!!
Gotta love milk. Especially with cookies. Enough said.
The cookie spread. So delicious. I had to send my mom with all the leftovers because I was eating them by the dozen each day. Might as well just go hook myself up with an iv of sugar!
Kamdyn's sweet friend and cousin getting ready to sing her Happy Birthday.

She clearly likes her cupcakes:) I was helping her before this, but when I set it down to do something else, she took matters into her own hands. Or should I say mouth. This was a no-hands kind of thing.
Yummy....gotta love the frosting up the nose.

Parker's future wife was there too. She's just too cute. Love those little chimpmunk cheeks!!
Kamdyn with her gifts. She was less than enthusiastic about opening gifts this time, but mostly because she was distracted by her friends and just wanted to open one gift and then play with it. She has a short attention span:)

Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with Kamdyn on her birthday!

P.S. I will have to do a separate post on her invitation. It was so stinking cute (or so I thought, but I may be a little biased)

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  1. What a GREAT idea for a party! I may have to steal it!