Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Jumper-roo

Man oh man, this little man is growing up too fast. I just recently decided (or realized?!) that Parker is old enough and big enough to sit in his little jumper-roo. Both of the other kids loved this toy, and it always bought me extra time to get stuff done while they were happily bouncing away in there. Parker isn't there quite yet, but I have high hopes for our third born:) One major difference is that Parker has A LOT of help at anything he does. Something Eli definitely didn't have since he was the first, and some Kamdyn didn't have to deal with either because Eli just didn't care much. But poor Parker......any time I set him down somewhere or place him somewhere new, his brother and sister are soon there by his side, or in his face, or half-way laying on top of him. You get the picture. This kid rarely gets a moment to himself, which is probably why he has some major meltdowns when I leave him alone. The constant companionship is sometimes good and sometimes bad. There are a lot of things I think Parker might like better if he didn't have so much brother/sisterly help and interaction. One of them being the jumper. But he is still pretty small and can't play with a lot of the toys yet because he's not sure how to work all the bells and whistles on that thing. And once he learns to jump in it, I think he will be hooked. Or I hope he will be:)

Either way, his first time in the jumper he was a happy camper. Gotta love new toys!
HA! You can see Kamdyn in the background of this picture.....pretty sure she's having a meltdown (probably the 80th of the day, and this was morning folks!) because I told her she couldn't climb on here with her brother in it. Oh the unfairness of it all!!!
See what I mean about always having help?:) This kid is rarely left to himself.

Such a big boy! He makes me happy:) And drives me crazy, but I do love him so.

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